Stampa di etichette

Organization has been elusive for many of bitcoin mixer us for decades. We are all constantly losing something and would like to have a more organized record keeping system. Whether it was digging into the attic to find the old Christmas decorations, we stuffed a million different boxes in a hurry and panicked to put them down before Easter, or organizing all our financial records so we wouldn’t be nailed to the wall when tax comes the moment with Uncle Sam rapping on our doorstep, we’ve all been there. We all thought to ourselves: “I need to organize myself more!” We have all made resolutions in the New Year tradition to organize our lives and keep them that way. These grand projects always start with the best of intentions and somehow get lost and slip through the cracks, leaving us in the same place next time. Fortunately for all of us, the features and benefits of label printing are available.

Brother, a print technology company, entered the labeling market as a major competitor. With their series of P-Touch custom adhesive label jar manufacturers   , an organized life has never been easier. P-touch labellers use adhesive label tapes ranging in size from 9/64 “to 2-3 / 7”, and in several different styles such as laminated ID, flexible, extra strong adhesive, tamper evident, iron on fabric, and many more . The line starts with the PT-1280 ($ 39.95 MSRP) for a low-end model, perfect for the home user, that will print up to two lines, with 6 automatic formats, with 5 framing options available, 9 different styles of type and even 3 sizes of unique type.

Il top della linea di etichettatrici Brother è PT-9600 ($ 499,95 MSRP) che include fino a 16 righe di spazio di stampa, ha 10 caratteri diversi, 25 diverse dimensioni di caratteri che vanno da sei punti a settantasei punti, 14 tipi diversi stili, utilizzando sei diverse dimensioni di nastri per etichette e persino un display LCD da 60 caratteri. Contrastare la parte superiore e inferiore della linea non rende giustizia ai prodotti che cavalcano sulla strada di mezzo della linea Brother. Basti dire che l’impressionante linea di produttori di etichette Brother copre la gamma per quanto riguarda le caratteristiche, il prezzo e l’usabilità per soddisfare le esigenze di ogni utente diverso. Anche per usi aziendali come la stampa di etichette di spedizione o la produzione di massa di etichette postali. Anche per quanto riguarda l’organizzazione di tutti gli archivi di scartoffie in modo facile da trovare e ordinare. I produttori di etichette Brother uniscono l’usabilità alla praticità in un modo molto intuitivo.

The applications for the Brother labeling series remain limited only by the user’s imagination. From the average “Joe somebody” to big business, and everything in between, there is no one who can’t find a use for a label maker. With the moderate price of the products, everyone will be able to find a label maker for all their needs at a price they can easily handle.