Remi Landau – Understanding Fashion with an Expert

Remi Landau – Understanding Fashion with an Expert

Fashion means a lot of things to different people. It can be flaunting the latest style in town, while it is a way to express themselves to others. The best thing about fashion is it is dynamic and changes fast. This is what makes it exciting and vibrant.

Remi Landau is a fashion expert who has been associated with the industry for some years. In 2017, she joined Bergdorf Goodman in New York as an assistant to a personal stylist. Later she was an accessories intern with Harper’s Bazaar under the Head of Digital Marketing of the company.

When she was with Bergdorf Goodman in New York, her primary role was to review client profiles in the personal shopping department and prepare selections for a wide range of high-end customers. She also avidly supported the digital marketing initiatives of the company on different social media platforms. Recently, she has focused all her attention and efforts on developing an upcoming clothing line, specifically for a nightwear line of Bergdorf Goodman.


She studied sociology at the Syracuse University. Before attaining her degree in Science, she was a member of the Hillel Jewish Student Union at the University. She also served as a member and spirit chair at the Sigma Delta Tau Sonority. Besides her interests in fashion and the garments industry, she likes physical fitness and nature conservation.

Understanding your style

She says when it comes to fashion, you must understand what your style vibe is. There are several instances when you see someone else and appreciate the sense of style they have.

She says that those people that have a great sense of style are, in reality, attuned to their unique tastes, and this is why they can seamlessly build their wardrobe around the things they love.

The key to a great fashion sense is to build your wardrobe to feel what is right. When you understand your tastes and refine them to what suits you naturally, you can choose the perfect pieces, put them together and create an amazing sense of style without hassles at all.

Get tips from fashion professionals, stylists, and experts.

Now, you might be in a profession where style matters a lot to you. This is where you need to go the extra mile to understand how to dress correctly. It is more or less like cooking. You have all the ingredients. Now you need to put them together in the right amounts to create a delicious dish. Cooking for some might come naturally, and for the rest, they need to put in some effort to refine their culinary skills to get the perfect dish they desire.

The same holds for fashion as well. Remi Landau suggests that you should follow the masters of fashion. They will make you feel more sophisticated and confident when it comes to skill and style. There are so many resources available for free online. All you need to do is go through them. If you are serious about your style and fashion, enroll in a class with a well-known fashion expert or stylist and see the difference it makes to your sense of fashion with time!

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