Get the Book Publishing Guidance and Advice You Need from ReadersMagnet

Get the Book Publishing Guidance and Advice You Need from ReadersMagnet

Self-publishing your book is an expensive and time-consuming affair. If you are doing it for the first time, it is natural that you would not be aware of the correct procedures to do so. There is obviously a lot of trial and error involved in the process. However, there are some experienced companies to help you in this self-publishing process. You can count on them to help you get the right guidance and advice so that you can release your book on time and without wasting too much money.

ReadersMagnet is one such name that helps aspiring and experienced authors to fulfill their book publishing dreams. The team of friendly professionals here understands every aspect of the self-publishing process, and they guide authors that come to them for help. With their expert recommendations, authors can clearly understand the options available to them in the field of book publishing, editorial services, marketing, and other valuable resources.

The team of experts here ensures their clients get author-friendly and exceptional services that are parallel to their creative vision and budget.

Catering to all genres

Irrespective of what an author writes in- fantasy, romance, fiction, spirituality, self-help, crime thriller, or even an autobiography, the professionals here ensure your book reaches the targeted audience successfully. It is their mission to ensure that readers get precisely what they are looking for.


Delivering a high standard of service quality

The team has a commitment to give their clients a remarkable experience, especially when it comes to the self-publishing sector.  They endeavor to give their clients the highest standards of service quality. When they join hands with authors, their sole mission is to ensure the book gets the best opportunity to succeed and do well in the market.

Retain control over creative vision

The biggest advantage of self-publishing your own book is that you have creative control over it. With traditional publishing houses, authors generally do not have much say in their books’ creative process that comes along with the publishing process. These publishing houses will choose the final title, blurb, the cover design, and even the entire marketplace where the books will be placed – this is all done without the author having any role to play.

Keep royalties all to yourself

Another aspect and a big advantage of the self-publishing process is authors are able to enjoy a higher rate of royalties for their books. Traditional publishing houses generally have their cuts, and writers often receive a negligible amount. This can be pretty frustrating for some authors whose books sell well in the market. When you self-publish your book, you get to keep everything you make, and so the fears of someone else controlling the royalty proceeds are absent.

ReadersMagnet understands the above process can be appalling to writers. At the end of the day, every author, whether new or old, is an artist. They have a creative vision and prefer to have complete control over the process. With a self-publishing service, authors do not have to go through the above predicament. They are in full control over every aspect of their book, and this is what makes the whole process uplifting and rewarding in the long run.

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